Clin Lab India

Co-located with Medical Fair India

16-18 March 2018
Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

A collaboration between Messe Düssedorf India and Scherago International

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About India Healthcare

India has become the world’s fastest growing major economy. It is the world’s 9th largest economy by GDP (+7.8%) and the third largest in purchasing power parity (PPP). India’s rapidly growing middle class is now larger in size than the entire USA middle class. Medical tourism is growing 27% annually and will reach $6 billion in 2018. These trends have resulted in the following:

  • An increase in healthcare expenditures that reached $160 billion in 2017 and is to reach $280 billion by 2020.
  • The medical device market will reach $8 billion in 2018 with 50% + of devices to be imported (driven by new specialty and super-specialty hospitals).


Against this background, a collaboration between Messe Düssedorf India and Scherago International resulted in the successful of launch Clin Lab India in 2017. The event is co-located with Medical Fair India (MFI), an already established medical event that alternates each year between New Delhi and Mumbai. The 2017 visitor registration of MFI reached 13,480, an increase of 15% over 2016. The addition of Clin Lab India resulted in an increase in total visitors’ interest in IVDs from 17% to 32%.


About Medical Fair India (MFI)

In its 24th year, Medical Fair India (MFI), a general device event, has demonstrated impressive growth since 2013. Through 2017, exhibitors have grown from 410 to 519 and visitors have grown from 7,636 to 13,489. There was a visitor increase of 15% between 2017 and 2017.

The importance to IVD companies of co-locating Clin lab India with Medical Fair India (MFI),, is that it is held in alternate years in the two largest IVD markets, New Delhi and Mumbai.


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About Clin Lab India

The vision of Clin Lab India is to be the major interdisciplinary exhibition and conference serving the South Asia market.  The peer-reviewed conference is organized by TriMark Conferences with delegates earning CME credits through the AACC ACCENT© Accreditation Program.  The 2018 conference (16-17 March) will focus on POCT, chemistry and Immunoassay. Exhibit space for 2018 has been increased 52% to accommodate 50 companies.


Clin Lab India (CLI) 2017 – IVD Interest Visitor Demographics
Using the CASI (Computer Aided Self Interview) system, below are CLI relevant stats based on 1012 interviews. 

Interest in Lab Products
Data Projected to 13,480 Visitors Attending MFI

Degree of Interest # %
Main Interest 2696 20%
General Interest 1618 12%
Total Interest 4314 32%
Compared to 2016 +2776 +179%


Details regarding the India healthcare market and Clin Lab India can be found in the CLI 2018 Presentation and the CLI 2018 Fact Sheet. Both documents have similar information.

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